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Laity Sunday and Pastor Appreciation Month

September 16 2021

Dear Lay Leaders and S/PPRC Chairs,
What a busy year this has been!  I hope you are all well and living in the Lord’s blessings. I wanted to write you to talk about Laity Sunday and Pastor Appreciation Month. 
Laity Sunday is traditionally the 3rd Sunday in October.  I would like to encourage you all to celebrate this day, even if it needs to be on another Sunday.  The church has folks who are gifted by God that would be a great witness to all.  The most basic way to have Laity Sunday is to just use your regular order of worship and find a lay person to do the parts the pastor leads.  You can also be creative; maybe you have children who would dance or sing, an older adult who tells great stories. The opportunity to use this day to build relationships and excitement in the church is endless. 
The theme  for the quadrennium is “Rise Up”; then with subsequent points each year.  2021-Revive; 2022- Reveal; 2023- Remain; 2024- Retain.  The suggested scripture is 2 Timothy 1:3-7.
You can even find resources at and Discipleship Ministries web site.  Let’s have 100% participation this year as we highlight the call of laity.
October is also Pastor Appreciation Month so this is another way to show the pastor that you appreciate her/him. I hope you will explore the many different ways that you can acknowledge your pastor's ministry during this season which has been so challenging for so many of us in ministry. For a few ideas, click here and click here.